Driving The Industry

The European Games Developer Federation is committed to the stimulation and development of a stable, vibrant and creative European games development sector that is competitive globally and recognized culturally.

The EGDF will act to advance the political and economic interests of the European computer and video games industry by providing a platform for collaboration and discussion between European institutions and game developers.

The federation represents some 600 studios based in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom, which together employ about 17,000 people. The European computer and video games industry, including distributors and students in game educations, encompasses almost 100,000 individuals.


Creative Europe programme grants 3,2 million euros for 29 game developer studios

In the first Creative Europe call for video game support, 259 companies from 26 member states applied for Creative Europe support for game development. Out of them, 29 game developer studios from 14 member states were granted all together 3.2 million euro…. Read more.

Looking for funding? Open EU funding opportunities for game developers in Autumn 2014 and early 2015

An EGDF summary of EU funding opportunities for game developers is now available… Read more. 
The EGDF statement on the support for concept and project development of video games under Creative Europe.

The national support schemes for video games are often realised either through tax incentives or through technology and innovation funding. Consequently, European funding for the creation of digital content itself brings significant added value and enables the realisation of culturally ambitious projects pushing the artistic limits of interactive storytelling otherwise too risky to be completed. Read more….

Older news can be accessed here.


EGDF Supports EGDF supports Frankfurt StoryDrive

EGDF supports Frankfurt StoryDrive organised on the 10th of October 2014 during the Frankfurt Book Fair. Read more…










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Policy Papers

The future of the European mobile game ecosystem, a roadmap proposed by the Mobile Game Arch project 2013

Game Development and Digital Growth.pdf 2nd edition of EGDF policy paper on the future of Framwork programme 2011

tech09.pdf Games Technology Research Priorities 2009


European Online Game Survey, 2012


EGDF_Bylaws.pdf Bylaws of European Games Developer Federation, updated November 20, 2009.


Your primary point of contact with the EGDF is our COO Jari-Pekka Kaleva. For each national member organisation there is an appointed EGDF representative:

(AT) GAMEHarald Riegler

(DE) GAMEHendrik Lesser - EGDF Board Member

(DK) ProducentforeningenKlaus Hansen - EGDF Treasurer

(ES) DEVAntonio Fernández

(FI) NeogamesKooPee Hiltunen - EGDF Board Member

(FR) SNJVGuillaume de Fondaumière – EGDF Chairman

(IT) Assoknowledge IVDRaoul Carbone

(NO) ProdusentforeningenLeif Holst Jensen

(UK) TIGARichard Wilson – EGDF Board Member

The postal address and registered head office of the EGDF is: European Games Developer Federation Katariinankatu 3, 00170 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358 (0)9 4289 1606  

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Events and projects


EGDF helps European game developers to find EU research projects they might be interested in. In addition, EGDF focuses on disseminating the results of EU projects to European game developer community.  Currently EGDF is a dissemination partner in three FP7 projects. Read more…


EGDF organizes regularly different kinds of events in Brussels and major game developer events. Read more…