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Foreign subsidies (2020)

Due to limited access to European venture capital, European companies have so far been seeking much-needed risk funding from outside the EU to finance their growth (mainly from the USA, the UK, China,


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European game awards 2020

Celebrating European Cultural Heritage through games (2020)

The early 2000s are becoming the lost decades of European digital heritage  The lost decades  Games are the leading cultural medium of the 21st century and therefore a crucial part of Eur

A risk based approach on AI regulation (2020)

New regulation might be needed for high-risk applications:  As recognised by the White Paper, the developers and deployers of AI are already subject to European legislation on fundamental rights

Specific challenges of regulating AI (2020)

Regulating AI has specific challenges that need to be addressed AI-based decision should not be treated differently than human-based decision making: algorithmic decision-making should not be treate

Guiding principles for regulating AI (2020)

Regulating AI through a risk-based approach  EGDF agrees that the new regulatory framework for AI should be based on a risk-based approach and agrees that there is a need for harmonised rules

A new focus on games and digital society

Games are the driver of innovation As games are becoming a more and more important cultural medium for Europeans, applied games, also known as serious games, should be clearly acknowledged as a speci

Boosting AI driven digital growth (2020)

The games industry is the forerunner of the AI in the cultural and creative sector  There are no major European gaming devices or platforms left on digital markets. However, European game develo

A Global approach on data regulation (2020)

Minimising global regulatory fragmentation Digital markets are by their nature global rather than regional. Currently, one of the biggest business risks for European studios is the sudden collapse of