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Integration and inclusion of foreign talent (2020)

Due to the talent shortage, the growth of the European games industry relies on migration Game developer studios recruit especially senior specialists from abroad. For example, Neogames Finland ry, t

Targeting social media users (2020)

Also a targeter needs safeguards against social media platforms Currently, the guidelines are drafted from the perspective, where a targeter has full control over its activities on social media platf

Data controller and processor (2020)

A controller should be in charge EGDF warmly welcomes the fact that the guidelines underline the responsibility of the processor to follow guidance coming from controllers. The service providers must

Obsolete obligations

No more fax machines, the end of Email Era is coming Any new regulation has to strictly follow the principles of the technological, business model and content neutrality. Therefore any proposal for

Air passager rights (2020)

The right to reimbursement for air passengers and travellers The games industry relies on working transportation infrastructure that ensures access to key industry events for industry professionals.

Tangible goods and product safety (2020)

Product safety  EGDF agrees that current EU safety rules for non-food consumer products covered by the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD= are adequate to protect consumers even when it come

Digital content 

Clear responsibilities in a value chain Quite often it is unclear even for game developers operating through the online market places, what are their responsibilities and what the responsibilities

The right of withdrawal and terminating contracts 

Careful implementation of new consumer rights related to “Free” content is needed When it comes to pre-contractual transparency, most of the digital distribution platforms already now use their s

Redress, remedies and liability  

Usually, redress is not a problem in the digital environment  In general, the creators of digital content and services rely more and more on their fan communities in both getting feedback about