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Horizon Europe and Digital Europe

Why a Framework Programme for R&D&I is needed? In the current financial environment many member states, especially the smallest ones, have been forced to cut down their R&D&I fun

Content drives innovation

European R&D funding secures a strong industrial base Many of the challenges mapped by the industry pioneers with the help of Creative Europe funding, are significant economic and technologica

The success does not happen alone

  The games industry can be divided into three key groups that have different requirements for public funding:  Games industry pioneers are small risk taking indie game de

Games are the driving force of the digital revolution

Technological Innovation: video games are a driver of technological innovation. It is widely acknowledged that video games have contributed to the worldwide development of computer hardware more than

Access to top global talent and international knowledge-transfer

Access to top global talent The games industry is a global industry; its success is based on its ability to recruit worldwide leading talents to Europe. Consequently, the Commission should do all it

Diversity and gender equality

It is crucial that the industry is able to reach the best talents regardless of their sex, ethnic background, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, association wi

2. Securing the access to digital skills and talent

Helsinki Model for games industry talent building was summarized by the Finnish member association of EGDF in 2018.  

Building digital skills

Digital skills through cultural capacity building Most of the emerging industries are based on the skills and knowledge of passionate hobbyists. This is especially true for the games industry where n

1. Building a functional digital single market area

1. Principles of digital-ready regulation  European platforms and device manufacturers have almost disappeared from the global market. However, in digital content, and particularly in games, Eur