Speelhetslim/Jouezmalin wins Mediawijs M-Award and revamps website

Brussels, 6 October 2020 – The Belgian videogame sector* and its (inter)national partners** are very proud to receive the Mediawijs M-Award 2020 for Best Educational Project for the website www.speelhetslim.be (Dutch) www.jouezmalin.be (French)! “With a series of new consoles and technologies on the way, we are also working hard to revamp and improve our website“, says David Verbruggen of BEA Interactive.

The M-Awards are awarded annually by Mediawijs, the official Flemish knowledge center for media wisdom, to give media savvy and digital initiatives more visibility and recognition. “It’s great to see that a jury of media wise professionals can appreciate our project,” says Verbruggen. “Speelhetslim/Jouezmalin is an initiative of the entire Belgian games sector that introduces (grand)parents, teachers, supervisors, children and gamers to the wonderful world of videogames in an easily accessible way“. Speelhetslim/Jouezmalin is now even more convenient to use, offers some new features and brings fresh content on a weekly basis. These innovations will be rolled out in the coming days:

The homepage is now dynamic with a quick look at the latest content

A powerful search engine allows visitors to quickly and easily find information about videogames, consoles, parental controls, PEGI…

Our handy game guides now include video footage and clear PEGI icons (a game guide contains useful information about a specific game so that ignorant visitors can quickly get up to speed)

The new gamelingo page explains 25 common videogame terms in human language (or do you already know what griefing, grinding, fragging and spawning is?)

A new short quiz of 10 questions polls the videogame knowledge of our visitors in a fun way

The website, pages, images and videos now load even faster

And last but not least, new content appears weekly, including game guides of the most popular and recent videogames, as well as articles on in-game purchases, educational games, videogame courses and fairs in Belgium, signs to recognize gaming disorder and much moreBe sure to visit our Facebook page (in Dutch and French) and twitter account (in English) for even more news and updates.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page (in Dutch and French) and twitter account (in English) for even more news and updates.

*represented by BEA Interactive (videogame publishers and platforms in Belgium), FLEGA (videogame developers in Flanders), WALGA (videogame developers in Wallonia), Belgian Games (videogame developers in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) ** Mediawijs, the Flemish Cabinet of Media, Digital Plan Belgium, screen.brussels, Game Mania, Gamechangers, ISFE, PEGI and EGDF