During FP7, EGDF was a consortium partner in the following projects:

Mobile GameArch

The Mobile Game Arch project supports European actors from both the content and technology sides of the mobile games industry to join forces in tackling this barrier to growth. By making significant contributions to global standards, the project intends to create a base for a new generation of mobile games technology that will allow European content to flourish globally and to narrow the digital gap in Europe. The Mobile Game Arch project attempts to reinforce the position of the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) working in the European ICT and digital media industry and to increase the accessibility of digital media/service platforms’ aggregators…Read more

The Community Network Game – CNG

Meeting the demand to efficiently enable MMOG players to cooperate and communicate in an online world, requires new methods of transmitting UGC. CNG intends to enhance collaborative activities between online gamers by developing new tools for the generation, distribution and insertion of UGC into the existing MMOG server. CNG will research and develop in-game community activities using in-game graphical insertion technology (IGIT) and a Combined CDN (Content Delivery Network)-P2P (peer-to-peer) architecture for the distribution of UGC…Read more.

Finalised FP7 projects EGDF has participated.  

Keeping Emulation Environments Portable –  KEEP

KEEP (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable) will develop emulation services (KEEP Emulation Services) to enable accurate rendering of both static and dynamic digital objects: text, sound, and image files; multimedia documents, websites, databases, videogames etc. The overall aim of the project is to facilitate universal access to our cultural heritage by developing flexible tools for accessing and storing a wide range of digital objects. KEEP will also consider legal issues concerning the implementation of emulation-based systems and propose solutions which comply with European and national copyright laws…Read more.

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