17.08.2011 EGDF chairman Guillaume de Fondaumière: Game Content Ratings Must Change!

EGDF chairman Guillaume de Fondaumière in GDC Europe criticized unfair age rating systems which restrict creativity. The current global ratings situation for console games is “a mess and it’s difficult,” particularly at the far end, towards what would be considered an M by the ESRB.

The main problem is that  there is almost no developer involvement in these ratings systems, the big exception being USK. And while most online and mobile games today are not rated for those of you who develop these games, be sure that one day there will be a rating system.

De Fondaumière underlined that publishers have tried to save video games from being banned, but publishers are following their own agenda and the development community of games must be involved. Whenever a video game is attacked, the game industry must come forward and talk and act and show things that say we don’t agree. The industry must also be present in ratings systems boards and make themselves heard. And developers must work together with publishers to actively promote changes to these ratings.

Download the presentation of e Fondaumière here

Read an article about his presentation my Gamasutra here

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