EGDF continues to expand as Serbian Games Association joins EGDF as its member

7 October 2020 – The European Game Developers Federation (EGDF) continued its expansion, as SGA – the Serbian Games Association, joined EGDF. 

The addition of Serbian Games Association to EGDF is highly important for our mission of building a strong voice in Brussels for European game developers. We want to unite, to share best practices, learn about common challenges and help game developers to grow the identity of the European game industry. It is crucial that game developers from all European countries, EU members or not, have full access to global markets and that any restrictions to their freedom of expression and arts and freedom of movement are minimized.”, stated Hendrik Lesser, president of EGDF.

The Serbian Games Association is the 19th member of the Federation that has been steadily expanding its activities especially in Central and South-East Europe during the last years. Serbia is one of the countries currently negotiating for EU membership and EGDF will provide a way for Serbian game developers to make their voice heard in EU decision making when the policies shaping their digital future are built up.

Operating on a national level, gaming associations are an essential part of the ecosystem – making it easier for new projects to emerge and providing a platform for the community. But without broader cooperation on a European level, no important victories can be won. That is why we considered it paramount to be part of the EGDF. Together, we can push for meaningful policy changes, better conditions for all companies, studios, and teams, and of course exchange experiences, hard-earned knowledge, and brand new ideas. We strongly believe that the future brings an enormous boost to the gaming industry. Collaboration with the amazing EGDF board and all of their members can help us navigate the coming changes”, stated Kristina Jankovic, Administrative Manager at SGA.


Established in 2018 in Belgrade, the Serbian Games Association (SGA) is a non-profit, NGO, focused on developing the national gaming industry. Their members are teams and companies from Serbia that develop video games or other content and services for the currently most developed entertainment industry in the world. SGA’s goal is to enhance their members’ ability to compete globally, to create the best possible conditions to make and publish amazing video games in Serbia, and to develop the talent and creativity of everyone in the sector.

ABOUT EGDF – Uniting the European game dev industry

The European Games Developer Federation e.f. (EGDF) unites national trade associations representing game developer studios based in 19 European countries: Austria (PGDA), Belgium (FLEGA), Czechia (GDACZ), Denmark (Producentforeningen), Finland (Suomen pelinkehittäjät), France (SNJV), Germany (GAME), Italy (IIDEA),  Malta (MVGSA), Netherlands (DGA), Norway (Produsentforeningen), Poland (PGA), Romania (RGDA), Serbia (SGA), Spain (DEV), Sweden (Spelplan-ASGD), Slovakia (SGDA), Turkey (TOGED) and the United Kingdom (TIGA). Altogether, through its members, EGDF represents more than 2 500 game developer studios, most of them SMEs, employing more than 35 000 people.

Games industry represents one of Europe’s most compelling economic success stories, relying on a strong IP framework, creating innovative digital products that are a main driver of modern culture. European digital single market area is the third-largest market for video games globally. In 2019, Europe’s video games market was worth €21bn, and the industry has registered a growth rate of 55% over the past 5 years in key European markets[1].

[1]  ISFE Key Facts 2020 from GameTrack Data by Ipsos MORI and commissioned by ISFE

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