Central European Games Conference (CEGC) 2015

EGDF Supports Central European Games Conference (CEGC) in Wien 22.-25.1.2015


The Central European Games Conference (CEGC) actively supports exchange of ideas across national borders in the Central European region (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland) and brings together its games industry key players.  Members of EGDF’s member associations will have a 20% discount for conference  passes.

A two-day international developers conference will highlight successful Central European game developers and their games. The conference will come to a climax with keynotes by e.g. Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO of Quantic Dream and Chairman of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF)

How to succeed in the thriving games industry is the central topic of the conference. With this focus in mind, CEGC wants to establish itself as the conference for creators of video games in Central Europe. Therefore, CEGC is looking for speakers who have in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry, and who are happy to share their expertise with aspiring game developers from the Central European region. CEGC is seeking session proposals for issue-oriented talks which provide solid examples, and are yet inspiring and motivating for the conference attendees.

CEGC is organized by Games Austria and its volunteers and is complemented by the Austria Game Jam, an exhibition area, workshops, networking and social events, and the The Conference Conspiracy, a pervasive conference game experience.