European eSports conference

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April 13-14, 2016, London, UK

An official Fringe Event of the London Games Festival, join industry veterans and leaders from eSports, gaming, betting, broadcasting and marketing at the European eSports conference. Taking place three days after the London Games Festival on April 13-14, 2016 in London, UK., this year’s event will feature speakers from high-profile companies and organisations. Hear talks from directors from streaming giant, Twitch, to news headliners ESL and SK-Gaming. The conference’s participants also include members from well-known professional eSports teams like Fnatic, Liquid and Dignitas as well as mega-investors William Hill and iGamingIdeas.

This crucial event for the eSports ecosystem aims to kick-start the unification of eSports communities throughout Europe.  If you are a company not yet involved in eSports; come see the potential of an industry which has a projected growth rate of 43%, total revenues of $46M and is enjoyed by a global viewership of 31 million enthusiasts and growing. Discover best practice examples of some of the industry’s most successful businesses, lucrative investment opportunities for external brands to enter, and how we can professionalise eSports to support growth and development internationally.

Key topics featured at this year’s premier eSports and Competitive Gaming conference include:

  1. New Brands & the eSports model – What are the new opportunities, emerging markets and ways to collaborate?
  2. Lessons Learned – Traditional Sports & eSports: ‘What can traditional sports learn from eSports and vice-versa? What are the opportunities for traditional sports to engage with esports? Topics include brand activation, community, partnerships, player and league management
  3. Esports Financing – Where to invest in eSports? What is the current legal climate? And insight into Mergers and Acquisitions in eSport.
  4. Bringing eSports to Mainstream Media– The reasons why leading publishers and broadcasters are looking to lock eSports into their business strategy

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