Mobile Game Arch workshop in Game Connection Europe 2011 Preview

Mobile Game Arch workshop in Game Connection Europe 2011 Preview

Time: December 6th, 2011
Location: Room Ledoux – Espace Grande Arche, Parvis de la défense, 92044 Paris la Défense, France
Regisration: The session is part of Game Connection Europe 2011. Registration is done on the Game Connection website or by contacting Dr Malte Behrmann (malte.behrmann(at) via email.
The moderator of the day Dr. Malte Behrmann

9h00 – 9h30
Introduction: How can mobile game developers can get involved in European funding?
– Jean Charles Point

9h30 – 11h00
Session 1: Mobile Games – Is there a real opportunity for a European Mobile Games Industry or has Europe lost the battle?
Key note: Maarten Noyons
Expert Panel:
–  Michael Schade, CEO Fishlabs, Germany
–  Klaas Kersting, Flaregames, DE
–  Xavier Carillo Costa, CEO Digital Legends, Spain

11h 30 – 13h00
Session 2: Mobile Games tech talk. How can we create a better mobile eco system and standards?  And what is that anyway?
Keynote :
Tommy Palm, Fabricationgames
Expert Panel:
– Alex Caccia – President Ideaworks 3D
– Mikael Baros, Redikod
–  Marius Preda, MPEG

14h – 15h30
Session 3: The business of mobile games; 118 App Stores, fragmentation and what role for the Operators? And who is making money?
– Keynote:
David MacQueen, Strategy Analytics
Expert Panel:
– Mathias Sala, Gbanga, Switzerland
– Malte Prien, TIC Mobile, Berlin

16h – 17h30
Session 4: Conclusions of the day

–  Maarten Noyons
–  Tommy Palm
–   David MacQueen

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