Brussels, 6 April 2022 – ISFE and EGDF welcome recommendations made by the EU’s Culture Ministers this week. They would, in the future, allow Member States increased flexibility in providing financial support to Europe’s video games industry in order to improve its global standing.

In its recommendations, “Building a European Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries”, the Culture Council acknowledges the value of video games to Europe’s economy and calls for financial aid rules to be adapted to allow for more flexible public support for the video games sector when the European Commission reviews state aid rules in 2023.

ISFE CEO Simon Little said: “This recommendation is an important political recognition of the value the sector brings to Europe. This will make it easier for EU countries to support their industry locally and to invest in the growth of Europe’s video game footprint. The video game sector should be seen as a strategic asset for Europe’s digital and creative growth and innovation capacity.”

EGDF Managing Director Jari-Pekka Kaleva said: In many member states, public support for game developers and publishers has played a crucial role in enabling artistic risk-taking and accelerating the growth of the sector. Allowing Member States more flexibility in providing appropriate financial support is extremely welcome and will ultimately help Europe remain a frontrunner in digital culture, benefiting both society and the wider economy.”

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Contact for EGDF:

Jari-Pekka Kaleva, tel: +358 40 716 3640   
Managing Director, European Games Developer Federation (EGDF)
Senior Policy Analyst, Neogames Finland ry.

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