Press release: EGDF, the European federation representing the video games industry in Europe, is delighted to announce that LZKA (Lithuanian Association of Game Developers) has become a member of EGDF.

September 23th, 2021 – The General Assembly of the European Game Developers Federation (EGDF) , formed of its members, national trade associations representing game developer studios in several European countries, has gathered on 10th of September. During the GA, the membership request of LZKA has been approved. 

Ieva Benecke, the chair of LZKA explained why the association has joined EGDF: “LZKA is committed to advocate for Lithuanian game developers in a larger industry landscape of Europe, and we’ll strive to prove this as members of EGDF. We hope to align mutual goals and solve multinational challenges, as we collaborate towards a sustainable environment for game development.“

Jari-Pekka Kaleva, Managing Director of EGDF said: “Even before becoming an EGDF member, we had a close and strong relationship with the LZKA, and we are happy to take that co-operation to the next level. LZKA, as the newest, and the first member of EGDF in Baltic countries, will help EGDF and its member associations to have an even stronger and more united voice in Europe. Lithuania has lots of potentials to become one of the key games industry hubs in Europe, and we are already mapping new ways to support the local studios from the European level.”

For more information please visit LZKA website at  and EGDF website at 


EGDF, through its 19 trade associations, represents more than 2500 European game developers studios on a European level, helping to build up policies that support the growth of the European game developer studios and foster the development of the entire digital ecosystem in Europe. The European Games Developer Federation is committed to the stimulation and development of a stable, vibrant and creative European games development sector that is competitive globally and recognized culturally.


The Lithuanian Association of Game Developers (LŽKA) is an organization that unites professional and amateur game developers in all fields. The goals of the Lithuanian Association of Game Developers are to unite Lithuanian game developers, to promote their mutual cooperation, and to represent the interests of game developers. Also to promote game development in Lithuania, to encourage continuous professional development of Lithuanian game developers and to help them to achieve this. Initiate, promote, support and cooperate in the development of curricula related to the game industries in Lithuanian schools and universities.

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Andreea Sava, tel: +40761778824
Communication Coordinator, European Games Developer Federation (EGDF)