Press release: EGDF, the European federation representing the video games industry in Europe, is delighted to announce that SGDA (Swiss Game Developers Association) has become a member of EGDF.

July 14th, 2022 – The General Assembly of the European Game Developers Federation (EGDF) , formed of its members, national trade associations representing game developer studios in several European countries, has gathered on 2nd of June. During the GA, the membership request of SGDA has been approved. 

Matthias Sala, President SGDA explained why the association has joined EGDF: “Membership in the European Games Developer Federation EGDF is a milestone for the Swiss Game Developers Association SGDA. The SGDA would like to assume its responsibility in international matters in this unique network and can henceforth contribute to finding solutions with its know-how in political transactions at European level..“

Jari-Pekka Kaleva, Managing Director of EGDF said: “Games industry is one of the rare borderless industries. Securing the free movement of talent, capital, data and knowledge across the EU borders is one of the main EGDF priorities. We are pleased to strengthen our cooperation with SGDA to ensure that Switzerland returns to all games industry relevant EU cooperation programs and to tackle any emerging political barriers hindering the collaboration between Swiss and EU game developers.”

For more information please visit SGDA website at and EGDF website at 


EGDF, through its 20 trade associations, represents more than 2500 European game developers studios on a European level, helping to build up policies that support the growth of the European game developer studios and foster the development of the entire digital ecosystem in Europe. The European Games Developer Federation is committed to the stimulation and development of a stable, vibrant and creative European games development sector that is competitive globally and recognized culturally.


The independent Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA) is the member-driven proponent for Swiss game developers. The non-profit organisation’s goals are a supportive political environment, professionalisation through promotion of knowhow and young talents as well as the increased visibility of a strong Swiss game industry. The SGDA hosts the «Swiss Game Awards» which honours Swiss innovation in games.

Contact for EGDF:

Andreea Sava, tel: +40761778824
Communication Coordinator, European Games Developer Federation (EGDF)