Developing Ties: IIDEA joins the European Games Developer Federation

IIDEA continues its mission to advocate for the Italian videogames industry by joining key European industry body

Milan, Italy -June 23rd, 2020: IIDEA, the trade association representing the video games industry in Italy, is delighted to announce that it has joined the European Games Developer Federation(EGDF).

EGDF is an umbrella organisation which unites major national trade associations representing game developer studios in Europe. Its mission is to build policies that support the growth of the European game development studios and foster growth of the entire digital ecosystem in Europe.

Mauro Fanelli, Vice President and Developer Representative of IIDEA explained why the association has joined EGDF:

“Membership of EGDF represents another pillar in fulfilling IIDEA’s objectives of thought leadership and advocacy for the Italian video games sector domestically and internationally, and is a natural next step following our rebrand.”

“We already feel that Italy is part of the wider European videogames ecosystem –with talent and ideas already freely flowing between individuals and companies. Our membership ofEGDF is a formal next step and will add Italian voices to EGDF’s campaigns to strengthen our sector. The timing is apposite because we’re facing uncertainty caused by the fallout from COVID-19, and strongly believe that international cooperation will be key to ensuring a robust, sustained recovery.

We’re also looking forward to sharing best practice across a network of other European countries’ developer associations. We believe that by speaking with one voice we will be in a stronger position to lobby European institutions for support, such as funding and tax breaks.”

Hendrik Lesser, President of EGDF added: “IIDEA as the newest member of EGDF will help EGDF and its member associations to have an even stronger and more united voice in Brussels. Extending our membership base and getting it ready for the challenges ahead has always been a key priority for us -Italy offers a diverse and prospering ecosystem in game development and therefore is a great addition to our cause.”

For more information please visit the IIDEA website at www.iideassociation.comand EGDF website at


For more information, please contact:
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We are the Association representing the video games industry in Italy. We give voice to our members on common sector-wide issues. We work to promote Italian companies abroad and to facilitate access to the Italian market for multinational companies. We carry out a number of initiatives to amplify the value of the video games sector for economy, society, culture and education. Among them: Games Industry Day, an annual forum between industry and public institutions to discuss the present and the future of the sector in Italy; First Playable, the first international business event dedicated to indie developers in Italy, Round One, the first international business event dedicated to esports in Italy, Italian Video Games Awards, the celebration of video games and esports. Internationally, we are proud members of ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe). We are an agile, slender and results-oriented Association. Our line of work is very pragmatic and based on the constant involvement of our members in order to ensure that our action keeps abreast of the industry steady evolution. Our members are at the heart of any choice or action carried out by the Association.

The European Games Developer Federation e.f. (EGDF) unites national trade associations representing game developer studios from Austria (PGDA), Belgium (FLEGA), Czechia (GDACZ), Denmark (Producentforeningen), Finland (Suomen pelinkehittäjät), France (SNJV), Germany (GAME), Italy (IIDEA), Malta (MVGSA), Netherlands (DGA), Norway (VIRKE Produsentforeningen), Poland (PGA), Romania (RGDA), Spain (DEV), Sweden (Spelplan-ASGD), Slovakia (SGDA), Turkey (TOGED) and the United Kingdom (TIGA). Altogether, through its members, EGDF represents more than 2000 game developer studios, most of them SMEs, employing more than 25 000 people.