EGDF and partners announce European Games BizDev Gathering

EGDF and partners announce European Games BizDev Gathering, a special online pitching and business meetings event to support European game developers during the worldwide crisis

European Games BizDev Gathering is a two days long online event focused on supporting European game developers during challenging times of the ongoing global crisis. The purpose is to get them an invaluable opportunity to get their projects in front of investors and publishers from all over the world! It is a special event organized by the joint EGDF, rcp and Reboot initiative while supported by some of their key European partners. It will take place online from 13th to 14th of May 2020 while using MeetToMatch as a platform for pitching and meetings.

With EGDF as an association representing more than 25.000 game developers from more than 2000 studios around Europe, the inaugural edition of EGBG will be solely focused on helping European game developers getting as many business opportunities as possible at the time when they need it the most. On the investor and publisher side, all worldwide companies are invited and are more than welcome to join the event. For this specific iteration, EGBG will stay laser-focused on game developers pitching to investors and publishers. For this event, EGBG invites exclusively game developers from Europe and on the other side publishers and investors from all over the world.

“EGDF is doing important work for our industry for more than a decade. Most of the time it happens in the maze of Brussels while seeming quite abstract. In this moment of immense challenges, we gladly step forward and do something tangible for the games industry in Europe. Let ́s get some deals done and make sure no one gets left behind” said Hendrik Lesser, President of EGDF

The main goal of EGBG is to get all interested European game developers in front of as many as possible publishers and investors from all over the world, to get them an opportunity to pitch their games, and get them funded or find the best possible publishing partner for their projects in development! As the world is currently in global turmoil and in almost complete lockdown, EGDF wants to support its European developer community and help as many game development studios as possible. If we manage to save at least one studio with this effort, we have done a lot!

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About EGDF
The European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) represents European game developers on a European level. It helps to build up policies that support the growth of the European game developer studios and foster the development of the entire digital ecosystem in Europe. Together with its member associations, EGDF represents more than 2 000 game developer studios with more than 25.000 employees. More details on

About rcp
remote control productions (rcp) is an independent production house focusing on development, production, and placement of games and gaming applications. rcp represents Europe’s biggest family of game developers with 12 studios across 4 countries, a gamification unit, a publishing label, and a digital marketing agency. Since 2005 the Munich-based company and its teams have shipped close to 400 projects for all major platforms, including Bus Simulator 18, Angry Birds Epic & Evolution, Ostwind (Windstorm), Sacred Legends, Rescue HQ, Das Boot, and Pet Hotel.More details on

About Reboot
Globally recognized Reboot brand encompasses series of renowned boutique games industry and game developers conferences well known for leveraging the natural beauty, luxurious resorts, and high-end speaker line-ups and matching them with a uniquely relaxed and open atmosphere for doing games industry business. Reboot Develop Blue, Dubrovnik, Croatia and Reboot Develop Red, Banff, Canada are complementing each other while offering a different twist, each of them being unique to the location where it takes place.More details on

About MeetToMatch
MeetToMatch is the most used event networking service in the international games industry working on 22 game events in 2019 globally. For over ten years, the company ensures that people are meeting by choice rather than chance, enabling game developers to meet publishers, investors are other companies to do business and exchange knowledge. Since early 2019, the MeetToMatch serviceis also successfully used for online events in the games industry and beyond. Thisenables everyone globally to make connections by choice from the comfort of home while removing travel costs and reducing the carbon footprint.More details on

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