EGDF welcomes the European game development support scheme


EGDF welcomes the European game development support scheme

EGDF, the trade association representing European game developers, has welcomed the first call for proposals under the video game development support scheme of the Creative Europe programme. The new support scheme has an annual budget of 2.5 million euro and, unlike in the previous European funding programme, video games once again receive support as stand-alone cultural products. The new programme provides two support measures: contributions from 10 000 € to 50 000 € are available for concept development and contributions from 10 000€ to 150 000 € for developing a playable prototype.

The Chairman of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), Guillaume de Fondaumière said: ”We have worked hard during recent years to secure that European policy makers understand the cultural value of video games. I’m happy that it is now clearly acknowledged in the new programme where games are once again supported based on their own cultural merits.”

Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, the trade association representing the UK video game industry, added: ”TIGA, as a founder member of the EDGF, has consistently campaigned to ensure that EU policy makers recognise the importance and potential of video games developers and digital publishers.

”This funding is essential for the European video game industry to compete against the rest of the world, and whilst we too would like to see more money being made available, it is an important step in the right direction. This shows that together EGDF and TIGA are making progress in our efforts to ensure that video games development  receives the artistic respect and the support it so richly merits.”

“The support scheme is the right move again and is meant to last and be expanded in the future”, said Hendrik Lesser, Vice Chairman of G.A.M.E.. ”In  Germany in particular, it took a long time until videogames got recognized as culture and we chose the path of the EU as an example. This time, we call for the EU to resume their  function as a role model and promptly offer more financial and administrative support.”

The current national support schemes for video games are often realised either through tax intensives or through technology and innovation funding. Consequently, European funding for the creation of digital content itself brings significant added value and enables the realisation of culturally ambitious projects pushing the artistic limits of interactive storytelling otherwise too risky to be completed.

 ”Unfortunately, considering the rapid growth of the European games industry, with the only 2.5 million euro budget the competition from the funding will be extremely hard. Furthermore, 150 000 maximum contribution will barely be enough for the most ambitious AAA projects”, de Fondaumière stressed.

The first video game funding call can be accessed through:

For further information, please contact Jari-Pekka Kaleva (,

For detailed questions related to applying funding, please contact your national Media Desk:

The European Games Developer Federation is committed to the stimulation and development of a stable, vibrant and creative European games development sector that is competitive globally and recognized culturally. The EGDF will act to advance the political and economic interests of the European computer and video games industry by providing a platform for collaboration and discussion between European institutions and game developers.

The federation represents some 600 studios based in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom, which together employ about 17,000 people. The European computer and video games industry, including distributors and students in game educations, encompasses almost 100,000 individuals. 

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