Horizon2020 and FP7 research projects supporting game development

Horizon2020 and FP7 research projects supporting game development


This page is currently under construction. If you have a project, you would like to add on the list, please contact EGDF.


Digital games have been the drivers of innovation in multiple European research projects during last years. The success of these projects is best secured by involving actual game developers in them.

ICT-2013.5.1 – Personalised health, active ageing, and independent living

ICT-2013.5.4 – ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling

ICT-2013.8.1 – Technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity

ICT-2011.1.1 – Future Networks

ICT-2011.1.5 – Networked Media and Search Systems

ICT-2011.5.5 – ICT for smart and personalised inclusion

ICT-2011.8.1 – Technology-enhanced learning

ICT-2011.3.4 – Computing Systems

ICT-2011.9.1 – Challenging current Thinking

FoF-ICT-2011.7.4 – Digital factories: Manufacturing design and product lifecycle management

ICT-2009.1.5 – Networked Media and 3D Internet

ICT-2009.4.1 – Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation.

ICT-2009.4.2 – Technology-Enhanced Learning

ICT-2011.5.1 – Personal Health Systems

ICT-2007.1.5 – Networked media

ICT-2007.4.1 – Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning

ICT-2007.4.2 – Intelligent content and semantics

ICT 2007.4.3 – Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning

ICT-2007.4.4 – Intelligent content and semantics