EGDF represents European game developers on a European level, helping to build up policies that support the growth of the European game developer studios and foster the development of the entire digital ecosystem in Europe.

On our Policy section from our website, we summarize all the key EGDF positions on different policy issues, mapping also how digital growth can be boosted through the games industry on both Members State and European level.

Learn about:

  • EGDF mission statement for 2030
  • European Games Industry
  • Protecting fundamental rights of the game creators (2020)
  • Access to Talent
  • Access to public support
  • Protection of players
  • Fair Digital Markets
  • Games building the better world

Find out more about these in our Policy section from our website here

The games industry is the pathfinder of technological, cultural and business innovation in the Digital Era. Games industry represents one of Europe’s most compelling economic success stories, relying on a strong IP framework, and is a rapidly growing segment of the creative industries. European digital single market area is the third-largest market for video games globally. In 2019, Europe’s video games market was worth €21bn, and the industry has registered a growth rate of 55% over the past 5 years in key European markets.