EGDF defends game developers access to B2B data

EGDF submits a response on the public consultation on Data Act

For game developer studios, access to data and control over data in the games industry B2B value chain are two key factors defining your creative and artistic possibilities, your possibilities to interact with your players, secure the privacy of your players, and your ability to scale and grow your business. Consequently, European rules for B2B data sharing define the future of the European games industry.

Due to the constantly rising importance of user data in game design, economies of scale have returned to the games industry. Those who have the best access to player data are able to outperform those who have weaker access to data. The European games industry is now approaching a situation where becoming part of a usually non-European corporate group might be the only way forward. Consequently, it is essential that the new B2B data rules:

  • Secure that European creators of digital artistic content have a right to access the data on their audience. In the games industry, all platforms (including cloud streaming platforms) should provide access to relevant player data for game developers and always allow game developers to integrate their games to their own cloud back-end. 
  • Enable European SMEs to build joint data sharing services to compete with global giants.

The full joint position paper can be downloaded from here:

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