EGDF response on the future of EU legal migration

In general

  • Due to the talent shortage, the growth of the European games industry relies on migration
  • The EU needs a new focus on talent attraction
  • EU immigration rules should not be fully harmonised

Five critical steps for building talent friendly immigration framework

  1. Building shared immigration services through embassy network of EU member states
  2. EU immigration should not be based on academic qualifications
  3. Possible salary thresholds should always be national
  4. A talent friendly immigration process is a family-friendly immigration process
  5. Creating immigration friendly eGovernment solutions including for example

Creating a single market for digital jobs

  1. On-stop-shop for immigration and cross-border remote work in EU
  2. Introducing search for a job residence permits
  3. Offering stronger intra-EU mobility rights for all third-country workers
  4. Retaining highly skilled third-country nationals already legally residing in the EU
  5. Remote work friendly implementation of joint EU rules

The full position paper can be downloaded from here:

The broader EGDF approach attracting talent to Europe can be accessed here: